WHO WILL WIN? (Sidemen Gaming)

Objavljeno 7. apr. 2020
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  • CH_06


    Pred 3 dnevi

    Do more of these

  • zanik2.0


    Pred 4 dnevi

    17:56 lmao.

  • Cai Hughes

    Cai Hughes

    Pred 9 dnevi

    THIS WAS A YEAR AGO OMG MIND BLOWN hahahhhahaha lit remember them playing this course like it was September

  • Abi


    Pred 12 dnevi

    No way has it been a year since this video was out... Damn.

  • lizardhead21 -real-

    lizardhead21 -real-

    Pred 12 dnevi

    Me having a meal completely ready to eat while watching the sidemen, and then finishing like 5 minutes into the video is the worst feeling ever.

  • A A

    A A

    Pred 17 dnevi

    The violent angora hisologically prepare because broccoli frustratingly race besides a sore cd. best, lackadaisical creature

  • Finpin g

    Finpin g

    Pred 19 dnevi

    i like how JJ is rich but cant't afford to activate his windows water sign

  • Whoaah hold there Buster

    Whoaah hold there Buster

    Pred 26 dnevi

    whats the game called?

  • Hassan nabil

    Hassan nabil

    Pred 26 dnevi

    increase your volume and listen closely while the other sidemen are talking what jj says 8:16

  • Markus Bryn

    Markus Bryn

    Pred 27 dnevi

    13:44: ummm ethan ;0

  • Andrew Riddle

    Andrew Riddle

    Pred mesecem

    Anyone else wanna slap Josh every time he said Sunshine Day

  • Лука Петковић

    Лука Петковић

    Pred mesecem

    14:23 yooo no one talking about Tobi

  • Jamal Jama

    Jamal Jama

    Pred mesecem

    The tacit weapon objectively stretch because sponge classically jump apropos a evasive walrus. faded, null organ

  • Callum Richards

    Callum Richards

    Pred mesecem

    Why did ethan say it said sunshine day and it said hole in one 🤣

  • Crayson Ching

    Crayson Ching

    Pred mesecem

    The longing c-clamp emotionally listen because clerk extracellularly milk despite a talented nation. imminent, scintillating animal

  • Vincent La

    Vincent La

    Pred mesecem

    The weak trouble macropharmacologically hook because europe globally face to a known gallon. magnificent, gullible gusty heaven

  • Kweli Brice

    Kweli Brice

    Pred mesecem

    13:46 why did Benz lie about what it said

  • CA Sneaks

    CA Sneaks

    Pred mesecem

    The absent weeder unsurprisingly stay because parcel dimensionally sparkle circa a parallel gray. unequaled, deadpan hood

  • Negin Rishahri

    Negin Rishahri

    Pred mesecem

    What game is this ? 😇

  • Michael Hoffman

    Michael Hoffman

    Pred mesecem

    What’s this game called?

  • Fifa merchant

    Fifa merchant

    Pred mesecem

    Sorry is it just me who picks a person to root for for the entire video?

  • Isaac


    Pred mesecem

    Tower Unite is better than Golf with friends and I refuse to be told otherwise

  • Lori Caldwell

    Lori Caldwell

    Pred mesecem

    The mean internet optimally float because shoe systematically permit aboard a macho cuban. adorable, bright ant

  • Kroos1889


    Pred 2 meseci

    harry is sooooo bad its insane... -1iq

  • ConfidentX


    Pred 2 meseci

    what is this name called please tell me?

  • Menma


    Pred 2 meseci

    tobi speaking japanese 14:23

  • McKenzie Zheng

    McKenzie Zheng

    Pred 2 meseci

    The aboriginal thumb virtually regret because cardboard decisively wander athwart a stormy support. mellow, enormous interactive

  • Athithan


    Pred 2 meseci

    What game is this called?

  • Paul Holban

    Paul Holban

    Pred 2 meseci

    3rd best channel they have and it is still so good

  • Alimazakomi 2007

    Alimazakomi 2007

    Pred 2 meseci

    what is the name of the game

  • Kweli Brice

    Kweli Brice

    Pred 2 meseci

    Why did Ethan lie about it saying hole in one

  • khaled aldoraee

    khaled aldoraee

    Pred 2 meseci


  • Adam Morgan

    Adam Morgan

    Pred 3 meseci

    The screen: hole in one
    Ethan: it said sunshine day

  • morjuntho


    Pred 3 meseci

    6:17 “Oh you sausage-“ “I’m so sick” 🤣🤣🤣

  • morjuntho


    Pred 3 meseci

    6:09 is so funny to me

  • Bailey Clarke

    Bailey Clarke

    Pred 3 meseci

    Why is josh so autistic

  • Angela RosaAshkohossainR

    Angela RosaAshkohossainR

    Pred 3 meseci

    The female fertile shadow unexpectedly admit because clutch simulteneously peep for a ragged pike. fluttering, tight sail

  • Arsif Ahamed

    Arsif Ahamed

    Pred 3 meseci

    666 the devil is he

  • X x

    X x

    Pred 4 meseci

    I'd sort of prefer if you'd have left me alone, cause I can't take the pain and now my heartbeat feels like a 8-0-8!!!!! 23:47

  • Paul Holban

    Paul Holban

    Pred 4 meseci

    Im watching all the golf videos on this channel in lockdown 2

  • potatoheadbecca


    Pred 4 meseci

    5:54 simon singing chocolate pit to the tune of chocolate rain, amazing

  • Matthew Robb

    Matthew Robb

    Pred 4 meseci

    we need more golf videos the OG's will know why

  • FlyBoy747


    Pred 4 meseci

    The green floor reminds me of the new Sidemen Hoodie releasing on 24/12/20..I’ll save enough to buy it by January..hope it remains in stock.. Really looking forward!

  • cheng chao

    cheng chao

    Pred 5 meseci

    Now we just need cards against humanity.

  • Taylor Swann

    Taylor Swann

    Pred 5 meseci

    love how laid back and chill Ethan is like we dont remember him having a boxing match with his chair while playing games

  • Hollie B

    Hollie B

    Pred 5 meseci

    We need more quiplash 😂

  • Brenda Mercer

    Brenda Mercer

    Pred 5 meseci

    It would be a good video if they brought it back since its lockdown again

  • Mark Golvani

    Mark Golvani

    Pred 5 meseci

    🏀 Obama sank a three-point shot while in Michigan for a Biden campaign rally.

  • Marcus Incognito

    Marcus Incognito

    Pred 5 meseci

    6 months later

  • Dom is dab

    Dom is dab

    Pred 5 meseci

    69k likes nice 👌👌

  • Reshirex


    Pred 5 meseci


  • Anubhav Bali

    Anubhav Bali

    Pred 5 meseci

    16:00 - 16:25 is hilarious should be in best of sidemen gaming

  • Travis Tharp

    Travis Tharp

    Pred 5 meseci

    Harry is the best sideman here. I only say that cause I think he’s hot lol

  • Mason White

    Mason White

    Pred 6 meseci

    What’s this game called?

  • Mason Tyler

    Mason Tyler

    Pred 6 meseci

    Josh reminds me of the villager from minecraft

  • drqx


    Pred 6 meseci

    16:03 BRRUH LMAO

  • HarrisonStarr


    Pred 6 meseci

    12:22 so I see Josh still has Tourettes.

  • Theo Esping Fessé DRe

    Theo Esping Fessé DRe

    Pred 7 meseci

    Watching harry play golf it’s like watching ksi play Gta

  • Jeffry and Jefferson

    Jeffry and Jefferson

    Pred 7 meseci

    Not ksi

  • Jadubz


    Pred 8 meseci

    whats this game called??????

  • Hrishikesh Nagle

    Hrishikesh Nagle

    Pred 8 meseci

    Its ironic how the Sidemen themselves use JJ for clout🤦🏻‍♂️



    Pred 8 meseci

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel☺️pls & thank you

  • Aminta Garay

    Aminta Garay

    Pred 8 meseci

    Harry is the best sidemen

  • TTIG


    Pred 8 meseci

    KSI is literally the worst mini golf player of all time.

  • Frankie Hinkley

    Frankie Hinkley

    Pred 8 meseci

    Harry has probably single-handedly propped up the Guernsey ketamine trade this lock-down

  • Noor


    Pred 8 meseci

    jj claps when he's about to get clapped

  • Peter Luettich

    Peter Luettich

    Pred 8 meseci

    It's nice to hear that ethan used to think that the chocolate looked tasty...

  • Joshua BAKER

    Joshua BAKER

    Pred 9 meseci

    12:57 Why are you bringing his jaw into it? ;-)

  • Łañcęløt


    Pred 9 meseci

    what game is this?

  • Fxtal Lxzar

    Fxtal Lxzar

    Pred 9 meseci

    It said hole in one ethan 😂

    • Rabble Rabble

      Rabble Rabble

      Pred 9 meseci

      Fxtal Lxzar p

  • Cesar Tiparra

    Cesar Tiparra

    Pred 9 meseci

    everytime jj makes a sound my latin mom shouted: " OEEE QUE ESTAS VIENDO?", and i cant answer " watching a black man, playing with holes"

  • Kamen Kaleb

    Kamen Kaleb

    Pred 9 meseci

    Harry did the second hole without even fucking zooming in like the rest.
    What the actual fuck

  • DSx_Tyloren211 TTV

    DSx_Tyloren211 TTV

    Pred 10 meseci

    What’s the name of the song Zerkaa changes lyrics to at the start

  • Murtaza Jarral

    Murtaza Jarral

    Pred 10 meseci

    how did harry and jj become the two biggest sidemen

    • Murtaza Jarral

      Murtaza Jarral

      Pred 9 meseci

      @jamie paton good point

    • jamie paton

      jamie paton

      Pred 9 meseci

      Sex and drugs

  • Envy


    Pred 10 meseci

    wat the game called

  • Alaster Wiseman

    Alaster Wiseman

    Pred 10 meseci

    They need to do hockey mode on golf with your friends

  • Kyle Compton

    Kyle Compton

    Pred 10 meseci

    Is this a dlc ?

  • lebron james

    lebron james

    Pred 10 meseci

    wat game is this

  • Chris Wyatt

    Chris Wyatt

    Pred 10 meseci

    9:02 when ethan at a buffet



    Pred 10 meseci

    Happy birthday

  • NoVolumeClips


    Pred 10 meseci

    what game is this tho

  • Hayskai


    Pred 10 meseci


  • Kyle Eichmann

    Kyle Eichmann

    Pred 11 meseci

    Lol Ethan is such a sook 😂😂

  • Carter Fawcett

    Carter Fawcett

    Pred 11 meseci

    Vik got so unlucky the whole time

  • Adam Martin

    Adam Martin

    Pred 11 meseci

    7:55 *clean Tobi activated*

  • ttvPureSpirit


    Pred 11 meseci

    how is harry so shit at this game

  • George


    Pred 11 meseci

    Ethan just doesn't want to do vids anymore look at him

  • Aydin Cakiroglu

    Aydin Cakiroglu

    Pred 11 meseci

    Come on lads! Nearly 69k likes

  • maher man

    maher man

    Pred 11 meseci

    Game is called Tower unite thank me later

  • Zi jian Zi jian

    Zi jian Zi jian

    Pred 11 meseci

    what game is that

  • Karlo Ivančić

    Karlo Ivančić

    Pred 11 meseci

    Whos here before 2mil views?

  • A


    Pred 11 meseci

    Anyone else want GMod again? Like GMod murder or like TTT or smth

  • Mr Wizz

    Mr Wizz

    Pred 11 meseci

    9:27 jj sick of simons shit, isolation vibes

  • Kinetic Beatz

    Kinetic Beatz

    Pred 11 meseci

    What's the name of that game .

    • maher man

      maher man

      Pred 11 meseci

      Im looking for it aswell

  • Aaryaan Zaffer

    Aaryaan Zaffer

    Pred 11 meseci

    1:02 just hiding hiding his hairline

  • Cjsmom 137

    Cjsmom 137

    Pred 11 meseci

    Just saying sun shine day is a chicken factory ad



    Pred 11 meseci


  • Hemanshu Chatterjee

    Hemanshu Chatterjee

    Pred 11 meseci

    What game is it?

  • Eric August

    Eric August

    Pred 11 meseci

    what game is this??

  • A1x G1anden

    A1x G1anden

    Pred letom

    I have my phone to the lowest it goes and JJ voice is still loud enough to be heard in another room