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  • Jamie E

    Jamie E

    Pred 19 urami

    So Ethan's fat again?

  • lidl V2- GAMING

    lidl V2- GAMING

    Pred 20 urami

    What was the song when harry scored

  • fiwipe


    Pred dnevom

    Wait is simonminter older than jj?

  • Khizr Ikram

    Khizr Ikram

    Pred dnevom

    Who else realised the mistake when it shown a thumbs up for Josh when he was out

  • GGGAMER08clipz


    Pred dnevom

    At the end Simon was Ethan Payne without the Ethan

  • Tony Walters

    Tony Walters

    Pred 3 dnevi

    What’s the song called 3:02 when Harry scores

  • Keaton Atticus

    Keaton Atticus

    Pred 3 dnevi


  • liserx


    Pred 6 dnevi

    How many followers can I get from this comment? Currently: 6. Let’s find out!!!!!!!

  • Gino Fourie

    Gino Fourie

    Pred 6 dnevi

    What is the background song at 3:17?

  • Giuliano Amati

    Giuliano Amati

    Pred 6 dnevi

    Does anyone know what the song when Harry scores is called

  • Felix Diaz

    Felix Diaz

    Pred 8 dnevi

    POV: You realize JJ saying beautiful sounds more like Steve from Minecraft saying beautiful lol 0:35

  • jonki leshi

    jonki leshi

    Pred 10 dnevi

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  • Lucjk Sicjk

    Lucjk Sicjk

    Pred 10 dnevi

    how is josh still inn? 4:55

  • Grapeshot 123

    Grapeshot 123

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Song at 1:05
    Also song at 3:05

  • Andrew Sargent

    Andrew Sargent

    Pred 10 dnevi

    Simon was just like Leeds in the playoff semi final against Derby. Bottled it😂😂🍼🍼⛔️⛔️

  • Cillian Carey

    Cillian Carey

    Pred 13 dnevi

    I love the start with JJ

  • alyssa givens

    alyssa givens

    Pred 16 dnevi

    ethan doing the harry special at 6:35

  • farouk aga

    farouk aga

    Pred 16 dnevi


  • Beth Fleming

    Beth Fleming

    Pred 17 dnevi

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  • Dylan Inglis

    Dylan Inglis

    Pred 18 dnevi

    Editor mistake 4:54

  • Thomas Kennedy

    Thomas Kennedy

    Pred 19 dnevi

    Vik ruined this vid just by talking. Twat

  • Imrespect


    Pred 23 dnevi

    Imagine missing the goal but when you said I don’t wanna get the losers

  • hatari hazard

    hatari hazard

    Pred 23 dnevi

    I love how he how he has a Milner shirt because Milner never missed a pen before.

  • Nadia Sheikh

    Nadia Sheikh

    Pred 24 dnevi

    how to go

  • Jordan Coverdale

    Jordan Coverdale

    Pred 25 dnevi

    Sidemen is the best YouTube channel

  • ICY


    Pred 25 dnevi

    Ethan at 00:18. 🤣

  • Ashton Manchester

    Ashton Manchester

    Pred 25 dnevi

    Anyone see that at 4:55 Josh is still in



    Pred 26 dnevi

    Ethan is that one guy that will tell everyone jj stepped on poo 😂

  • XtinctDrinksPee


    Pred 27 dnevi

    Imagine if this is the order they die

  • Euan Masson

    Euan Masson

    Pred 27 dnevi

    Who else thinks that tobi is better at football than Simon

  • Pap Oppai

    Pap Oppai

    Pred 27 dnevi

    What's the music at 7:11

  • Master killer08

    Master killer08

    Pred 28 dnevi

    Intro 😂😂

  • Hi


    Pred 29 dnevi


    • Hi


      Pred 29 dnevi

      U will see me everywhere

    • NIVED


      Pred 29 dnevi


  • Mr Dave

    Mr Dave

    Pred mesecem

    In poland we call it ✨król karnych✨

  • Ethel Webber

    Ethel Webber

    Pred mesecem

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  • Lovejoy Santina

    Lovejoy Santina

    Pred mesecem

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  • Charlie O'Callaghan

    Charlie O'Callaghan

    Pred mesecem

    The ones eliminated could go in the goal as well to make it harder

  • Ricky Diaz

    Ricky Diaz

    Pred mesecem

    Song at 1:04 ?

  • frizky alfiansyach

    frizky alfiansyach

    Pred mesecem

    what song when ethan scored please?

  • Milo Dsouza

    Milo Dsouza

    Pred mesecem

    Behz did a bruno fernandes

  • motoverdi


    Pred mesecem

    Vik's a good sport for doing these tbh. :)

  • Babili Mbetse

    Babili Mbetse

    Pred mesecem

    Vik doesn't like these

  • BxSs X

    BxSs X

    Pred mesecem

    “Is that bird poo? Pterodactyl?” 😂

  • Louie Culham - _-

    Louie Culham - _-

    Pred mesecem


  • Vini Krasniqi

    Vini Krasniqi

    Pred mesecem

    WHo else think miniminter is the most annoying man ever

  • crundee pixelmon

    crundee pixelmon

    Pred mesecem

    Heaven or hell

  • Rowan Shawl

    Rowan Shawl

    Pred mesecem

    Simon went for the show stopper at the end though, I no he could have taken the easy win 💪🏼💪🏼

  • Aaryan


    Pred mesecem

    song at 4:06?

  • Man City Extra

    Man City Extra

    Pred mesecem

    So none of the sidemen can take pens except for Simon and Behz?
    Am i right!

  • Paul Holban

    Paul Holban

    Pred mesecem

    3rd best channel they have in my opinion and its still so good

  • Theodor Kristensen

    Theodor Kristensen

    Pred mesecem

    man, i love this editor

  • Vvvg Gggg

    Vvvg Gggg

    Pred mesecem

    Ye I know

  • Oscar Cleaver

    Oscar Cleaver

    Pred mesecem

    Whoever wins gets £10,000

  • Scrawl


    Pred mesecem

    tobi didn't get a chance to get the money

  • Sebastian Alford

    Sebastian Alford

    Pred mesecem

    What happened to black goalie

  • Rayane Haidara

    Rayane Haidara

    Pred 2 meseci

    Ethan is not gat anymore

  • Sammy Smartwizch

    Sammy Smartwizch

    Pred 2 meseci


  • mohammad afaq

    mohammad afaq

    Pred 2 meseci

    names that song when they kick a ball that music hahahaha

  • Eoghan O’Connell

    Eoghan O’Connell

    Pred 2 meseci

    Ethan scores josh , Harry and JJ run over to celebrate with and there vik with his hands in his pocket not given two shits

  • Mr Awesome

    Mr Awesome

    Pred 2 meseci

    What is the song at 4:03 I’ve heard them use this so may times lol

    • JayXDual


      Pred 2 meseci

      Like woah - nbhd nick

  • ๖ۣۜOʄʄɪᴄɪɑƖ๖ۣۜSeռsеɪ


    Pred 2 meseci

    That intro tho🔥👌

  • Sarwesh Mani Acharya

    Sarwesh Mani Acharya

    Pred 2 meseci

    Simon vs The rest of the Sidemen*

  • Andrew Wells

    Andrew Wells

    Pred 2 meseci

    Absolutely love the football ones
    Well done Ethan
    But I Always want Simon to win
    Just because support the same team
    The might Leeds United

  • Cat


    Pred 2 meseci

    Song name after Ethan’s winning penalty?

  • Brayden Card

    Brayden Card

    Pred 2 meseci

    What name of song at 3:00

  • MG LOL

    MG LOL

    Pred 2 meseci

    Black goalie

  • Syth Gaming

    Syth Gaming

    Pred 2 meseci

    That intro would cost jjs beaurus chain

  • Henry Grice

    Henry Grice

    Pred 2 meseci

    Why do they always say dollars when they are English 🤔

    • thatzlara o

      thatzlara o

      Pred 2 meseci

      it does better on youtube if they say dollars



    Pred 2 meseci

    No one can beat Simon in that penalty shootout but he respected the challenge

  • React Lewis

    React Lewis

    Pred 2 meseci

    We call it lightning

  • Alfie’s Gaming room

    Alfie’s Gaming room

    Pred 2 meseci

    New fight Ethan vs Logan Paul
    Like if you agree

  • Arkhalis


    Pred 2 meseci

    Tobi clearly tried his best to save it. I feel bad for Vik.

  • Hari Srinivas

    Hari Srinivas

    Pred 2 meseci

    epic intro bitch

  • Wiz


    Pred 2 meseci

    0:42 song?

  • Gamer Blazer

    Gamer Blazer

    Pred 2 meseci

    Vik makes everything dead ll

  • Gamer Blazer

    Gamer Blazer

    Pred 2 meseci


  • Gamer Blazer

    Gamer Blazer

    Pred 2 meseci

    W2s knuckle ball is the best lol

  • Jack Collins

    Jack Collins

    Pred 2 meseci

    Vik is so shit at football and thinks he’s amazing when the keeper lets him score.he’s so annoying and just looks stupid

  • kiah kury

    kiah kury

    Pred 2 meseci

    1:20... what happened to vik 😂😂😂😂😂

  • mad man miguel

    mad man miguel

    Pred 2 meseci

    Vik is better then Ethan at football no cap

  • Ayaan Shankar

    Ayaan Shankar

    Pred 2 meseci

    vik is not going to win

  • Christiaan Jordaan

    Christiaan Jordaan

    Pred 2 meseci

    Poor Vic always loses

  • Muhamad Lasim

    Muhamad Lasim

    Pred 3 meseci

    omfg that intro #ksi #legend

  • Arjan S

    Arjan S

    Pred 3 meseci

    Dollars 🤮 pounds 👍🏾

  • Exotic Melody

    Exotic Melody

    Pred 3 meseci

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 4:01 plz bc im looking for it

  • No Name

    No Name

    Pred 3 meseci

    It’s funny that you know who wins just by seeing how long the video is

  • PureDarkneS⃠


    Pred 3 meseci

    Best shot of today has to be 4:03....

  • Nqbz


    Pred 3 meseci


  • cherryaleks


    Pred 3 meseci

    4:03 Bruno Fernandes liked that. :D

  • Joel Thomas

    Joel Thomas

    Pred 3 meseci

    Behz man what a king

  • Fabio Jevtic

    Fabio Jevtic

    Pred 3 meseci

    That intro is legendary bro do that Every time

  • Charlie Morris

    Charlie Morris

    Pred 3 meseci

    The sidemen should do a tournament of Wembley doubles and winner get 50k and 16 teams of 2

  • Mahad Malik

    Mahad Malik

    Pred 3 meseci

    Whats the song at 3:06 ?

  • Ramona Richardson

    Ramona Richardson

    Pred 3 meseci

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  • The God

    The God

    Pred 3 meseci

    Ethans getting fat again

  • Joy Chandran

    Joy Chandran

    Pred 3 meseci

    6:50 ayo the boys will know the struggle Harry is having

  • fire Party46

    fire Party46

    Pred 3 meseci

    Simon: hide your wife i have a knife

  • Lollybully


    Pred 3 meseci

    This is sudden death with money

  • Josh H

    Josh H

    Pred 3 meseci

    Please use that intro in every more sidemen and sidemen Sunday vid

  • Mackan Proke

    Mackan Proke

    Pred 3 meseci

    We need more of these Vids