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  • Football Fan

    Football Fan

    Pred dnevom

    “We will try get division 1 in Fifa 21” - Sidemen
    Meanwhile in April of fifa 21 they is sat in division 8

  • Adapt_CCheeze


    Pred 4 dnevi

    tobi choke

  • Akshat Gautam

    Akshat Gautam

    Pred 4 dnevi

    13:05 HESKEY TIME

  • BrandonLV


    Pred 12 dnevi

    You know its bad when you feel the loss with them

  • TriGGered


    Pred 13 dnevi

    Tobi is shit

  • Christno Bidiassi

    Christno Bidiassi

    Pred 17 dnevi

    Harry’s definitely been through some training arc or something.

  • MoRaX


    Pred 22 dnevi

    They all so bad it somehow pisses me off

  • Itzzzackk


    Pred mesecem

    Ksi*Scores* everyone liked that
    Doesn’t celebrate
    No one likes that

  • Adam Adamcin

    Adam Adamcin

    Pred mesecem

    I feel like I could literally beat then myself

  • alonso reyna jr

    alonso reyna jr

    Pred mesecem

    Fuk tobi

  • LAAB Grades

    LAAB Grades

    Pred mesecem

    This is the video where talia story showing jj yelling omg.

  • Divinefavour Iheme

    Divinefavour Iheme

    Pred mesecem

    First game was so close

  • Madlad 1424

    Madlad 1424

    Pred mesecem

    who else is here from chris slater (aka frank from the dumping ground) playlist youtube channel



    Pred 2 meseci

    Oh my fucking sfc god more mad more comment

  • Josh Barnes

    Josh Barnes

    Pred 2 meseci

    20.27 what’s this song called

  • Mace Tshibindi

    Mace Tshibindi

    Pred 2 meseci

    Now I know where Thalia’s story is from

  • BigRandomUn


    Pred 2 meseci

    I might be dumb, but I swear when they cut forward, they use the Nintendo Switch sound.

  • Nick Nack

    Nick Nack

    Pred 2 meseci

    Josh is a bellend

  • Daire Murtagh

    Daire Murtagh

    Pred 3 meseci

    Hahahah knowing Talia is in the house and has no clue what just happened 15:48

  • Lance Giddings

    Lance Giddings

    Pred 3 meseci

    I had to plug in my earphones to JJ 's cursing lol

  • Ryan Dougall

    Ryan Dougall

    Pred 3 meseci

    Harry gets abused yet he top goal scorer

  • The Notorious King

    The Notorious King

    Pred 3 meseci

    It hurts me how these guys are so shite at fifa

  • ravi pahal

    ravi pahal

    Pred 4 meseci


  • Axel Elwahidi

    Axel Elwahidi

    Pred 4 meseci

    Teacher asking me why I'm depressed.
    Me: Watch this sidemen video. You'll understand.

  • Absolute Absurd

    Absolute Absurd

    Pred 4 meseci

    12:03 lol the noise

  • Vishal Ramlogan

    Vishal Ramlogan

    Pred 5 meseci

    "These guys are so shit"


  • Playthrough HUB

    Playthrough HUB

    Pred 5 meseci

    Big up YHT BOYSSS

  • Aryaman Nair

    Aryaman Nair

    Pred 5 meseci

    13:13 Emile hesky with an amazing strike no one realised

  • rexxy_


    Pred 5 meseci

    6:10 LMAOO JJ’s giggle

  • Xavier Cruz

    Xavier Cruz

    Pred 5 meseci

    15:43 - 15:54



    Pred 5 meseci


  • John S David

    John S David

    Pred 5 meseci

    I genuinely want vik to score ... like this if u want this too

  • Louise Heseltine

    Louise Heseltine

    Pred 5 meseci

    My favourite vids

  • Sam Sultani

    Sam Sultani

    Pred 5 meseci

    these kids give me anxiety of how bad they are

  • Aryan Barad

    Aryan Barad

    Pred 6 meseci

    Whoever the editor is,plz do not put dramatic music when they miss the goal😂😂😂😂

  • Zaron


    Pred 6 meseci

    cant wait for 2021

  • Shadow Brady

    Shadow Brady

    Pred 7 meseci

    What song is it on 20:15

  • Umar Raja

    Umar Raja

    Pred 7 meseci

    6:55 ksi did not get enough credit for that pass 😍

  • Samir Grg

    Samir Grg

    Pred 7 meseci

    Play among us

  • Eman


    Pred 7 meseci

    Tobi fucked it differently🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ryan


    Pred 7 meseci

    9:10 I came back to find this moment 😂😂😂 ksi reaction

  • NOX Moloto

    NOX Moloto

    Pred 7 meseci

    These are your best vids lads keep them coming

  • Cris Memphis

    Cris Memphis

    Pred 7 meseci


  • Soupy D ROCSTA

    Soupy D ROCSTA

    Pred 7 meseci

    Big up the editor being their biggest hype man 😂

  • CallmeTimz


    Pred 7 meseci

    simon: i wanna see something special from u jj
    JJ:'stands still'

  • PanadolSZN


    Pred 7 meseci

    this entire series just proves how broken this game is. especially Pro Clubs gameplay. i fucking despise EA for this man, it's criminal 😭

  • Simmyofficial


    Pred 7 meseci

    Love how mad ksi goes

  • Benjamin Clark

    Benjamin Clark

    Pred 7 meseci

    What are the songs used in the video

  • Johnny


    Pred 7 meseci

    Anyone know the song at 8:13

  • Joshua BAKER

    Joshua BAKER

    Pred 7 meseci

    14:18 Hang on... Where did that red card just come from?

  • prettyDeece


    Pred 7 meseci

    Everyone ignoring that they played ket and no one made a joke to Harry? 😂

  • Kaleb Catford

    Kaleb Catford

    Pred 7 meseci

    am i the only one who sore that for the other team on the second game it said ket

  • SMateny Gaming

    SMateny Gaming

    Pred 7 meseci

    9:07 bruh I was screaming so loud

  • Truenerd99


    Pred 7 meseci

    The edits are sick!

  • Rohan Domingo

    Rohan Domingo

    Pred 7 meseci

    Sidemen suck 😂😂

  • Tianna Pethybridge

    Tianna Pethybridge

    Pred 7 meseci

    15:50 Talias Instagram story?!

  • Im Sand

    Im Sand

    Pred 7 meseci


  • Jagruti Panchal

    Jagruti Panchal

    Pred 7 meseci

    What is that song when the sidemen score their first goal? ❤️

  • Inri Don

    Inri Don

    Pred 7 meseci

    Nah you lot need to stop that build up music to then miss ,That shit now annoying

  • Dead by Juking

    Dead by Juking

    Pred 7 meseci

    the 400 people who disliked this are tobi's other accounts

  • Bby Bob

    Bby Bob

    Pred 7 meseci

    What song at 7.35?

  • PleB_exrzz


    Pred 7 meseci

    we need a new episode

  • Allen Recinos

    Allen Recinos

    Pred 7 meseci

    15:50 so that’s the part where jj was screaming omg on talias story lmao

  • TDOLF88


    Pred 7 meseci

    Welcome to beast :')

  • LacroQuetacheat 96

    LacroQuetacheat 96

    Pred 7 meseci

    Please play pes co ops

  • Randy


    Pred 7 meseci

    Tobi did the Sterling

  • Its MK

    Its MK

    Pred 7 meseci

    Oh nvm that’s Harry lol

  • Its MK

    Its MK

    Pred 7 meseci

    Why’s one of the sidemen players names Bandokay😂😂😂😂

  • Inamullah sajid

    Inamullah sajid

    Pred 7 meseci

    No one is going to talk about how sick the vedio was edited

  • Hassan Shafeer

    Hassan Shafeer

    Pred 7 meseci

    You can't blame tobi. The only reason why theyre in div 6 is cos of tobi. Hes scored so many last minute goals.

  • TheGamingTV


    Pred 7 meseci

    I’m going through a bit of a long term breakup rn and it’s been hard to put a smile on my face whatsoever but honestly the sidemen have made it bearable with the countless laughs I get from them

  • Fahim Safar

    Fahim Safar

    Pred 7 meseci

    Toby literally sold in the first game but not just once, multiple times. But to be fair it made the video more entertaining

  • Tessa Wheatley

    Tessa Wheatley

    Pred 7 meseci

    Man the editor is doing the sick job keep it up my guy

  • Lighter969


    Pred 7 meseci

    19:05 That pass tho

  • Sarah Olver

    Sarah Olver

    Pred 7 meseci

    1:27 the way Ethan says oh 😂

  • r2sleepy


    Pred 7 meseci

    Welcome back to BEAASSTT

  • Alpha


    Pred 7 meseci

    guys i beg next fifa dont even bother with ultimate team or packs or whatever just play clubs for eternity.

  • Humour Brain

    Humour Brain

    Pred 7 meseci

    I feel like if harry or Jj did what to I did and cost them the game they would have got more stick

  • Thug Fish

    Thug Fish

    Pred 7 meseci

    Do Minecraft again it was so funny

  • Durv Fan47

    Durv Fan47

    Pred 7 meseci

    Who edited this because it’s making me hemmorage

  • Axel Nolasco

    Axel Nolasco

    Pred 7 meseci

    What’s the name of the song 7:35?

  • GB Media Production

    GB Media Production

    Pred 7 meseci

    Sidemen losing 8-0(BEHIND THE SCENES) https://youtu.be/zE98glTSMVA

  • Mac man

    Mac man

    Pred 7 meseci

    You just know something insane will happen when you hear the music

  • Fabi Prajitno

    Fabi Prajitno

    Pred 7 meseci

    I feel like simon has laughed at the others for making a mistake so many times yet he hasn’t really done shit😂

  • Alex Smiley

    Alex Smiley

    Pred 7 meseci

    In the second game they played with Harry's worst nightmare... KET!



    Pred 7 meseci

    Anyone realise they were against the team KET from one of the other vids?

  • Rory Haigh

    Rory Haigh

    Pred 7 meseci

    It’s so obvious when the music starts playing that they’re gonna fuck up the chance lmao

  • Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

    Pred 7 meseci

    Does anybody know the song's name at 7:33

    • PeacerichTKU


      Pred 7 meseci

      Tomas Skyldeberg - We Can Be Fearless



    Pred 7 meseci

    Sidemen Fc needs to make some transfers. dis guys performance was astonishing. if he keeps up this type of game we need to sell him

  • Jason Thimba

    Jason Thimba

    Pred 7 meseci

    lovely cushioned header.....

  • Ski Moh

    Ski Moh

    Pred 7 meseci

    OMG beast!!!
    the nostalgia

  • alex smith

    alex smith

    Pred 7 meseci

    tobi and his excuses🥱

  • Jamie 2006

    Jamie 2006

    Pred 7 meseci

    Do rocket league

  • Playboi


    Pred 7 meseci

    Whoever put the welcome to BEAAAAAST is a legend man 😂😔

  • Dylan


    Pred 7 meseci

    Do an hour long vid

  • Big Jibber

    Big Jibber

    Pred 7 meseci

    sidemen big brother clubs ? please

  • Tiak.12


    Pred 7 meseci

    flight you literally have a no day contract

  • Tri-G-Games


    Pred 7 meseci

    How is Harry at the top of the list for goals? He hardly ever scores

  • Buntu Gaehler

    Buntu Gaehler

    Pred 7 meseci

    How can I do Tobi's Tobi's celebration on ps4

  • George morgan

    George morgan

    Pred 7 meseci

    Who thinks vikk and tobi should make a video where tobi teacher vikk how to play fifa, cus i wanna see vikk score more goals